Details and pricing for Star Travel

Just a little something because it’s my birthday and I treated myself to this t-shirt I found when looking for Doctor Who things.

The outfit for kids mashup is great, but I said for a girl. Not boy.

Were you wanting a dress or skirt?  Because it’s a girl jacket, jeans, and shirt, and the bowtie is a necklace.

Details and pricing for Rose in The Unquiet Dead

The shoes are screen accurate, everything else is more in the spirit of the thing.

Details and pricing for Doctor Who Kids Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor mash-up

Nine’s jacket and watch (square and a black band. Hello kitty’s just an added bonus)

Ten’s shoes, shirt, and bonus glasses

Eleven’s jeans and bow tie 

Details and pricing for Rose Tyler, Doomsday (her Bad Wolf Bay outfit, but for summer wear)

The necklace is just because it looks like a teardrop.  Even though I don’t really ship them this episode gives me all the feels.

The first episode is premiring at the Edinburgh International Television Festival between August 23 and 25.  We don’t have a date for the TV airing, but last year it aired the day after it was shown at the festival in Edinburgh. [x]  Officially I can’t find anything more specific than ‘fall 2012’ for the first half of the season.

Anyone know anything different or more detailed?

How about Liz X from the Beast Below?

I have a Liz X outfit here, but if you’re looking for something more cosplay or some other variation let me know.

Details and pricing for Amy Pond, God Complex (more summer-y)

The suitcase necklace, by the way, is for her younger self, still sitting on the suitcase, that she saw in her room.